Author: Brandon

April Update

Greetings all! We hope everyone had an amazing holiday weekend. We have kept working on the process to disband the HOA, but felt with the holiday weekend, we would give people a break from meetings and posts to enjoy their time. We are back at it now. First off, we still have plenty of yard […]

Good News…

At our meeting last night, one of our members relayed that they had finally gotten a contact by the HOA Manager, stating that he would forward the request for mailing addresses to the Board for approval. That part isn’t the good news though! I emailed the county and was sent instructions on how to access […]

Survey Says…

On Friday night, we closed the survey and tallied the responses. The results are posted below. We structured the survey to be one of several throughout the process. Its purpose was to signal initial general feelings towards the HOA, and the rewrite process, as well as overall satisfaction over the last 5 years, and ultimately […]

Process Update

I will do my best to keep this post short, though I want to update what the process is looking like it will entail to free us from the oppressive CC&Rs and HOA in the future. After doing large amounts of research, talking to several different sources outside the HOA, including attorneys, and people from […]

Zoom Call 2/13

Last night we had a Zoom call to provide updates and information. The video has been uploaded to Youtube and is linked on the VIDEOS page. Some quick notes on the discussion. Progress: We have ordered 100 yard signs, which should be here on the 17th of February. Distribution will start as soon as possible […]


Just a quick update, we have started a GoFundMe to help cover the costs associated in the campaign to distribute informational flyers and signs to help inform our neighbors about this process. The GoFundMe is located HERE. We have ordered 100 smaller yard signs that match our banner shown below. These signs cost about $9.90 […]