Awesome People!

I want to take a quick moment to give a quick synopsis of the flyer campaign and say thanks! We had a good turn out for the flyer hand out. We were able to break the neighborhood into about 14 sections and split up the work. All in all, it took just a few hours to hit the majority of the neighborhood with flyers. Given this was our first experience with this here in Jordan Willows, it was an unknown how successful it would be. Some of our volunteers met with more success interacting with neighbors where some chose to just tape the flyer to the door and retreat and move to the next home. Both methods were in general similarly successful. Here are just some of the insights regarding this process…

634 homes covered in less than 6 hours

29 scans of the QR code on the flyer

350+ visits to this website in 24 hours

90+ direct contacts with people who want disbandment

35+ flyer conversations at doors with people who were new to our involvement

As of this posting, 99 surveys taken

We could not have done this without everyone who has been involved. This has truly been a massive collaboration of many individuals. So many people helped with ideas for the flyer, the QR codes, the landing page, the wording and more. Even more people have offered some technical help, proofreading, grammar checks, and even just testing things from outside of my little bubble. Still others have done all they can to help promote the conversation and the cause. If I started trying to list everyone, I would leave someone out, so I will simply end this post with two words…


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