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I wanted to get this thought out before I headed to bed for the evening, because if I let the thoughts go, I would likely forget them in the rush of the daily grind helping to inform our neighbors about this process and the opinion would be lost.

One of my favorite quotes is “The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing.” Now let me start, I am not calling anything evil, I am not calling anyone in this neighborhood evil, not at all. But the premise is that if we do not speak up and do good, bad will reign. Another theory is that if people are told the same thing that is incorrect, or are treated wrongly for so long, they will believe it. This is the human nature that keeps people in bad relationships, bad jobs, or overall bad situations. We all need to find our voices, to do good by ourselves and our neighbors, no matter the opinion. Share it with conviction! Share it, share yourselves!

I have seen more good, more togetherness, and more true determination in the last week than in years in this neighborhood. It is possible that I maybe missed it in my sheltered life, but whatever the reason is, we are united. Let me say that again, WE ARE UNITED! Be united, speak your truth, and respect others opinions and this place we all come home will come together, and with good will, can stay together for a long time.

Be United!

Brandon May – 02/10/2021

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