Email from Board

I wanted to share this ahead of our Zoom call tonight. Several days ago, I sent a feedback email to the Board, mentioning the Utah codes and laws regarding getting rid of the HOA, as well as mentioning the study (on this site) that shows that having an HOA negatively impacts home values, and asking IF the majority of the Members wanted to get rid of the HOA, would the Board support that to all ends. What follows is the entire transcript of that email. The Boards response is as usual, on the top, with my email to them below. The key point here is that certain members of the board are not even willing to discuss the option with the public. As many here have seen, the answer is akin to “we are not gonna talk about it”, which is the board’s canned response when the discussion is not going the way they want it to. Food for thought!

The email is in .pdf form listed HERE

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