Good News…

At our meeting last night, one of our members relayed that they had finally gotten a contact by the HOA Manager, stating that he would forward the request for mailing addresses to the Board for approval. That part isn’t the good news though! I emailed the county and was sent instructions on how to access the Plat Lists for owners of lots. Since there are 17 plats in the HOA, it is broken into 16 (the 17th is the 10 new Arive lots) pieces. It should be pretty easy to copy the info over into an Excel spreadsheet. We should have access to that list for sending out mailers sooner than later!

I also reached out to Lehi City Code Compliance to see if I could get an answer about comparing our CC&R’s and Bylaws to the city codes to see where duplicities lie. The person who called me back is actually a resident here and someone I have chatted with before. He did let me know that there is no simple comparison tool or anything. But he is every bit as concerned about the issues moving forward. We will figure out how to make the comparisons somehow.

A few more yard signs have gone out as well. If you would like a yard sign, email me at or catch me on Facebook Messenger or Nextdoor. You can also call me at 801-753-8099 and I will try to get one over to you as quickly as I can. We still have plenty of the signs in stock.

Finally, I want to put together a few little short videos explaining why the HOA must go. Ideally I would like people who have had repeated, severe interactions with the HOA. You must be able to tell your story in about 2 minutes and be willing to be on camera. We are looking to process this step fairly quickly. If you think you might have a story that the neighborhood needs to know regarding the HOA, email me at the above email.

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