Process Update

I will do my best to keep this post short, though I want to update what the process is looking like it will entail to free us from the oppressive CC&Rs and HOA in the future. After doing large amounts of research, talking to several different sources outside the HOA, including attorneys, and people from various offices of government, it appears as though this will be a multi-step effort.

First, we need to abolish the CC&R’s. I cannot stress this part enough, as if we leave the old CC&Rs intact, they would still technically be enforceable, as well as could lead to someone re-incorporating the HOA in the future. Then despite all the effort, we would be back in the same situation as we are now. Abolishing the CC&Rs should take a 2/3 supermajority just like passing any other amendments or other changes to the Governing Documents.

Only once the CC&Rs are abolished can we vote to dissolve the HOA corporation, and know we will be freed from the issues that have plagued this, and many other neighborhoods.

Following the vote to dissolve the HOA corporation, all accounts and contracts are reconciled, and the balance of the reserves that remains would be distributed between all the Members (Home Owners). At that point, we are done with the process and Jordan Willows Neighborhood will be free. No more dues owed, no more Parker Brown, no more getting harassed over a sunflower. We will be able to enjoy our homes without the permission of someone else. Please be involved in this process. Please speak up, even if you would rather keep the HOA. We need EVERY VOICE to make sure that we are heard!

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