Zoom Call 2/13

Last night we had a Zoom call to provide updates and information. The video has been uploaded to Youtube and is linked on the VIDEOS page. Some quick notes on the discussion.

Progress: We have ordered 100 yard signs, which should be here on the 17th of February. Distribution will start as soon as possible after they arrive. We have had some very generous donations to the GoFundMe to help get these kinds of materials inbound. We need to help make sure that every homeowner in Jordan Willows is educated about the processes of both the rewrite of the governing documents, as well as the process to disband the HOA.

As for the process, with some searching it appears the process is fairly complex, and involves dissolution of the HOA corporation as well as voting out the existing CC&Rs and some other parts as well. I have submitted to the HOA Board to clarify the process so that once we have the necessary votes to accomplish all of this, it can be undertaken with the goal to make sure that we do not have some latent restrictions that still exist.

One other topic that has come up has been the speed at which this all needs to happen. Regardless of it being the rewrite or disband process. People who are needing to / wanting to sell their homes currently are in a bit of a no-mans land. Technically every homeowner should by now know there IS a rewrite in process, and that the potential additional restrictions should be declared as part of the process. Think of it this way, if you bought a home in the HOA, and all of the sudden the CC&Rs changed to what was proposed, you might be VERY upset, and that’s when legal challenges happen and it gets messy. We need to get this process pushed as fast as humanly possible, BUT need to make sure it gets done in the right order, and gets done totally. Having a year or more of rewrites could impact home values far greater than anything else.

Finally we spent a lot of time discussing the issues with communications and the ineptness of that process. Most of us feel that the Board has not communicated with the Members appropriately for years! As noted in the video many efforts have been provided and offered to the boards of the past, in order to help communicate with the Members. Why have these efforts been ignored? Inquiring minds would like to know!

Watch the video please, hopefully it may help answer questions you may have. Check back, we will be hosting another call soon, probably Tuesday or Wednesday night. Please email us at brandon@disbandthehoa.com with any questions you may have!

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