Author: Brandon

Site Updates

We have been making massive updates to the site almost hourly. These include access to any media such as video of Zoom calls, as well as a page that will host documents regarding the process to disband the HOA. Some of those are studies that support the view that property values are likely to eventually […]

Zoom 2.0

UPDATE: We have uploaded the video from the Zoom call to Youtube. The video is available here: We hosted another Zoom meeting tonight, I will update the site with information in the next 24 hours with the content of that meeting as well as a copy of the video. During the meeting there was a […]


I want to welcome you all to this site. We need to work together to solve the issues presented by the Jordan Willows HOA Board. We will be working to schedule virtual meetings, produce mailers or mass-email communications, and update everyone about the process and how you can all help to defeat the proposed changes […]